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Receive immediate answers for any medical queries.

  1. Effortlessly export and import conversation history

  2. Efficiently query suggested follow-up questions and search PubMed libraries

  3. Create and save custom prompt templates to eliminate manual typing

  4. Seamlessly switch between different LLM models

  5. Caters to both human medicine and veterinary medicine modes

Diagnosis Report

Generate a Differential Diagnosis (DDx) report.

  1. Create patient-specific clinic plans, including differential diagnosis, patient education, and medication recommendations

  2. Effortlessly save, edit, and share clinic plans via private links or within the community

  3. Develop your personal clinic plans based on the clinic plans shared within the community

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  • Import & Export data

Cited Professsional Sources

The data source of our model is derived from thousands of professional medicine textbooks and advanced medical articles. Rest assured, we can provide cited sources for every knowledge point we present to you.

PubMed Articles Search

Our model offers advanced search capabilities for PubMed articles and can provide the most relevant PubMed articles related to the diseases or medicines you wish to find.

Veterinary Medicals

In addition to human medical knowledge, our medical assistant can also offer professional veterinary treatment plans, drawing from an extensive database of over 2000+ veterinary books and 10000+ online veterinary articles.

Our Medical Chat models are 100% HIPAA compliant

Employing industry-standard data encryption

No chat history is retained with our Medical Chat models

GDPR complianceSOC compliance

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